Our Brands

Our Services

AEC offers full service import from shipping to customs clearance and delivery to the official dealer store. You have nothing to worry about.

All our vehicles transit through our vehicle preparation center in Belgium where our caring team will take care of final touches before delivery.

AEC's proprietary engineering lab develops high quality solutions that guarantee safety, durability and compliance with the European transport authorities.

AEC premium plus warranty 24 months comes standard on all our vehicles. Our professional service network of American car specialists will take care of every issue.

Our Partners

We are proud to have a strong network of partners in different fields. From sales and service to alternative fuel solutions and warranty, we’ve got you covered!
We work with PRINS to develop leading alternative fuel solutions using LPG.
We also work with Car Garantie to provide you with peace of mind through our manufacturer grade warranty program, AEC Premium Plus.
Finally, we rely on a manufacturer approved network of over 130 American truck and car sales and service professionals across all European countries.
AEC EUROPE is here to bring you an outstanding experience and a great selection of product.