AEC powered by Prins

The AEC RAM 1500 with Prins LPG System offers optimum performances in terms of power, quality and flexibility, as well as very attractive fuel costs make this pickup truck appealing to a wide range of customers.

Both AEC and Prins ensure high quality installations and rigorous end-of- line tests on all vehicles through central conversions, accomplished by experienced professionals at the AEC’s Vehicle Processing Center in Antwerp, Belgium. Thanks to Prins validated software and accurate calibration tested on a dyno bench, the RAM 1500 with LPG System performs optimally under all circumstances.

Thanks to their broad experience and technical knowledge, AEC and Prins - a Dutch world leader in alternative fuel solutions - have combined their best products:

The benefits of LPG as an alternative fuel are both economical and practical: not only is LPG fuel about 50% less expensive per liter than gasoline, but it also offers the driver an amazingly large combined driving range. RAM 1500 with the 5.7L V-8 Hemi® engine paired with VSI-2.0 LPG System can go up to 1.800 km (LPG and gasoline combined,) thanks to the additional space-saving round underbody tank with a gross capacity of 122L (approx. 98L fuel capacity) as well as an optional 200L cylinder tank (approx. 160L fuel capacity) installed on the bed. When combined, both tanks (122L + 200L) will be refilled as usual through one filler neck. In the driving mode the RAM 1500 first uses the big 200 liter tank. As soon as the big tank is empty the vehicle switches to the 122 liter tank.

What are the advantages of the AEC Prins VSI-2.0 LPG system?

Why should you go for a AEC RAM 1500 with Prins LPG System?

Long Driving Range

  • RAM 1500 with LPG System offers an amazing long driving range with up to additional 1.300 km
  • Option1: 122L gross (net: approx. 98L) space-saving underbody tank
  • Option 2: 200L gross (net: approx. 160L) installed on the bed (with metal cover)
  • Anytime you are running out of fuel, the system switches automatically to petroleum gas and vice versa

Safe & easy to use

  • The tanks for storing LPG are as safe as a gasoline or diesel tank
  • No special tools needed to fill the tank – Vehicle comes with three adapters
  • Easy and reliable refueling by advanced systems


  • LPG is up to 50% cheaper than gasoline
  • Tax advantages are guaranteed until 2018.
  • Fast Amortisation of installation costs
  • V8 Sound & Power remains

Which are the available options?

122L underbody tank

200L cylinder tank

322L combination

The well-known 122L gross tank (net: 98 liters) is installed in the recess for the spare tire under the bed. Depending on the driving style this offers an additional range of 500+ kilometers.

Alternatively, a tank of 200L gross (net: 160 liters) is installed across the bed. The tank sits thereby space-saving at the tailboard. Thanks to an safety cover, the tank is protected against weather effects as well as damage caused by transported goods. The driving range is more than 800 kilometers depending on the way of driving.

With AEC it is even possible to combine both our tank options! This results into a total LPG range of over 1.300 kilometers, with the petrol tank even up to 1.800 kilometers.

200 Liter Tank

What happens with the AEC Basic Warranty (24 months) or the AEC Premium Warranty (48 months) for vehicles with the LPG System?

All AEC vehicles continue benefiting from our warranty products. Thus, only a small fee is assessed for vehicles with LPG systems to continue the protection of the AEC vehicle warranty for your desired duration (24 or 48 months) and the desired extent (Basic or Premium). All parts of the LPG system are covered by a three-year manufacturer warranty by Prins.

Who is Prins?

Netherlands-based Prins Autogassystemen is a developer and worldwide supplier of alternative fuel systems for cars, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, and has been a highly ranked and recognized world leader in alternative fuel systems for more than 25 years. Prins is the world leader in the new VSI-2.0, VSI-2.0 DI and Direct LiquiMax 2.0 and Dieselblend systems. Prins, a group partner of Westport Innovations Inc., provides (A) OEM customers, importers and installers in over 50 countries with cost-efficient and innovative solutions for a wide variety of engine types and engine technologies. Website: