Questions and Answers:

Which parts are covered?

AEC Premium covers

All of the vehicle’s standard equipment, mechanical and electronic components¹·²

What costs are covered?

The actual working time incurred for labor are covered and fully reimbursed pursuant to the labot cost guidelines of the manufacturer. The resulting material costs from damage will be paid taking into account the owner’s operation of the vehicle’s operation at the time, as follows.



48-month term

up until 100,000 km

labor costs 100%
material costs 100%

Is the warranty transferable?

The warranty is bound to the vehicle. If the vehicle is sold, the buyer can take over the warranty by paying processing fee.

Where is the warranty valid?

The warranty is valid within the EU. This also applies to vehicles that are in any non-domestic European location for up to a period of 10 weeks. In many European countries our offices are available to provide you with fast and direct assistance.

What should I do in cases of damage?

All damage has to be reported before repairs begin. Following a damage report/estimation the repairing workshop will receive written authorization to conduct the repairs.

What cars cannot be warrantied?

The following vehicles are exempt.

  • Towing and recovery vehicles, courier and messenger vehicles, vehicles for transporting the sick and disabled, commercial passenger vehicles, special vehicles used (or will be used) by the authorities.
  • All vehicles whose serial production has been modified or equipped with upgraded engines.
  • All vehicles that are to be used for rentals, taxis, driving schools, or self- drive rental fleets.
  • All vehicles that are unauthorized in the EU.

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For AEC-Dealer

As a car dealer,  you want to sell the customer the perfect, high-quality, reliable vehicle that will bring them years of trouble-free pleasure that they will always associate you with. The risk that after customer the handover unfortunately a  technical malfunction occurs can never be entirely ruled out.

All vehicles purchased from AEC come with the following.

24-month AEC Basic Warranty, with the option of a 48-month AEC Premium Warranty upon extension of the original manfacturer’s warranty.