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All cars we sell come with a Premium Warranty covering all mechanical and electrical defects for 24 months from the purchase. Parts and Labour are fully reimbursed during this period and up to 200,000km.

Additional coverage for 12, 24, or 36 months is available on demand should you need it, up to a maximum of 60 months or 250,000km coverage.

Designed to protect you from unanticipated expenses resulting from unexpected repairs AEC Premium Warranty brings you peace-of-mind

Questions and Answers:

What are the benefits of a new car warranty?

Defects may occur, also on vehicles built to highest quality standards as sold by AEC. In the unlikely event of such defects, AEC Premium Plus warranty protects you from unanticipated expenses which may result from such repairs.

Why is there no manufacturer‘s warranty?

AEC offers its customers a vendor-independent new car warranty. AEC brings significant upgrades to the product in order to meet European market requirements. Our warranty includes coverage of all upgraded components.

up until 150,000 km

labor/costs 100%**
material/costs 100%**

**The excluded vehicle parts, damage, costs and work can be found in the separate terms and conditions of warranty. The maximum amount of compensation to be provided under the guarantee shall be limited, in each case of damage, to the current value (dealer purchase price) of the damaged vehicle at the time of occurrence of the guarantee claim.

Is the manufacturer obliged to provide a new vehicle warranty?

The seller is legally obliged to provide mandatory warranty (2-years) with new cars sold. The manufacturer may offer a voluntary warranty, which is an additional complementary benefit for the customer.

Mandatory warranty is legally binding and covers the complete vehicle for defects in material and factory workmanship (labour) These are defects which already existed before the sale but appear later.

Voluntary warranty covers defects which appear only after  the sale. The warranty scope varies depending on the warranty provider. Mandatory warranty and voluntary warranty are applicable independently and simultaneously.

Where is the warranty valid

The warranty is valid within the EU. This also applies to vehicles that are in any non-domestic European location for up to a period of 10 weeks. In many European countries our offices are available to provide you with fast and direct assistance.

What cars are not covered by warranty?

The following vehicles are excluded:

  • Towing and recovery vehicles, courier and ground vehicles, ambulances and vehicles for transportation of disabled people, vehicles for the commercial carriage of persons, other vehicles which have been used by authorities or are intended to be used by the authorities.
  • All vehicles whose series production is modified or which are equipped with performance enhancing features.
  • All vehicles which are intended to be used for rental, as taxis, for driving lessons and self-driven rental vehicles.
  • All vehicles not registered in Europe.

What kind of warranty is available and what is included?

Most warranties available in the market only cover the parts (limited list) detailed in the terms & conditions. AEC Premium warranty in general covers all parts of the vehicle and only a limited list of parts is excluded. In addition, the labour required to complete these repairs is covered by AEC Premium Warranty. This results in a significant comprehensive coverage, exceeding market standards.

Which parties enter into the contractual warranty relationship?

The warranty relationship originally exists between AEC and a dealer, who acts as the initial warranty holder. The warranty is transferred from the dealer to a buyer, when the corresponding vehicle is sold.

How is the warranty activated?

The warranty will be activated by the dealer selling the vehicle. The warranty must be activated within 10 workdays after the vehicle’s (first) date of registration.

What is covered by mobility?

In the event of a warrantable failure, the warranty holder is entitled to reimbursement of cost for:

  • towing (up to a maximum of 200 €)
  • rail travel, rental car, accommodation and telephone costs, if the incident occurs further than 100 km from the vehicle‘s place of registration (up to a maximum of 100 € per day on national territory and 200 € per day abroad)

Is the warranty transferable?

The warranty contract is bound to the vehicle, not the owner.

Should the vehicle be sold, the policy can be transferred to the new owner.

What to do in case of failures?

All damage must be notified prior to initiating the repair. Following an evaluation, the repairing entity / dealer will receive a written approval to proceed with the repair.

What if i want to extend my warranty

We also have AEC Premium X warranty that allows you to extend your base (standard or plus warranty) by 12, 24, or 36 months, provided the total warranty coverage time does not exceed 60 months and your mileage is within 250,000kms.

How to contact our Warranty service center

We are here to help!

Please reach out to your dealer who will respond to any question you may have in respect of warranty coverage, claims, reports, and so on.

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